Anne Kristoff CV

Lives and works in New York City


“Silent Noise,” The Gallery Bar, New York, NY April 2012 (group)

"Groundbreaking" fundraiser curated by FIGMENT NY, Safe Harbor Gallery, New York, NY April 2012 (group)

“Mira” mixed media at Small World/Clusterf*ck show curated by Hennessy Youngman, Family Business Gallery, New York, NY April 2012 (group)

“Glimpses” at First Friday Chartreuse, Fairbanks, AK January 2012 (group)
“around HERE” Fairbanks Community Museum November 2011 (group)
“Glimpses” The Artisan’s Courtyard, Fairbanks, AK October 2011 (solo)
“Open Invitational” The Annex Gallery, Ester, AK October 2011 (group)
“Silent Noise” The Gallery Bar, New York, NY September 2011 (group)
“Last Days of Alabama” The Artisan’s Courtyard, Fairbanks, AK July 2011 (solo)

2009 Army Digital Photo Contest, 2nd Place Fort Rucker, AL
2005 Black Rock Arts Foundation, Grant San Francisco, CA
2005 The Orange Show, Art Car Parade, 1st Place Houston, TX


2011: Photo exhibits in New York and Fairbanks, AK

2010: Park(ing) Day 2010, Enterprise, AL
2010: My Wish For Ozark, Ozark AL

2009: “Rucker Remembered” photo project and calendar; Curatorial blog

2008: Accepted into Gawker Artists program; Launched limited editions series at

2006: Art Production Fund (NYC): music industry outreach for video-based art project; identified third party marketing and sponsorship leads

2005: ArtCarTraz, an award and grant winning public art/restorative justice project for juvenile offenders. Created and produced project; secured participation of juvenile facilities across 3 states (AL, MS and LA, into Houston, TX); negotiated umbrella agreement with established non-profits; raised funds to cover project operational costs via private donations and granting; secured media coverage and product sponsorships. View at

2004: Documentation via photo and collage mail art using found objects, travel brochures, newspapers images and headlines/text, and ink of road trip from Chicago to Salt Lake City to inform future work

2003: Creation of mail art collage postcards based on the writings of Charles Bukowski, sent anonymously as “random act of mail” to prison inmates.

2002: Active member of, an early-adopter online art community experiment which took the internet expression LMAO (laughing my ass off) and reclaimed it as Land Mail Art Object. Participated in projects involving ATC’s (artist trading cards), collaborative collage, chapbook, fanzine creation (Howdy Neighbor).